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Title: How to keep dermestids for cleaning skulls[tutorial #6]
Post by: koolkid on May 09, 2010, 10:26:10 am
I'm no expert at this but since most people use their beetles to clean skulls i thought i'd deticate a thread about keeping them just to this!

Okay so there is no way in the world a skull is gonna fit into a kritter keeper so those are out of the question.Tanks are your best bet.If you need to do a ton of skulls though a freezer setup is the way to go.I have no real clue on how to make those though.Lets say you went with a tank for the saik of the tutorial.
I know i said i don't use bedding but if your gonna do skulls you need bedding.I have heard that these are the best to use:
1-Shredded newsprint
2-Something called critter care
3-Cotton bathing
4-Paper towels
You need bedding for them to hide from the elements since most people don't keep them in their house.They also seem to pupate and lay eggs in their substrate.
Food inbetween skulls:
So its not skull season eh?What in the world should i feed my hungry workers?I'd say skip dog food.Too risky for skull cleaners.Go with meat.Lunch meat,leftovers from cutting off the exsessive meat.The best is to get squirels and gut them and skin them.
Hopefully this helps if you need anything else ask on the forum ;)